Examples of how I work and what I do

I delve into everything from research, problem definition, and leading collaborative ideation to interaction design, functional prototype building, UI design, and success metric validation. These case studies should give you a solid feel of how I operate and the skill sets I bring.

Improving the download experience

What do you do when everyone's so focused on making the front door look good that they forget how unpleasant then entryway is? Get lots of data, figure out what's really going on, and align the solution to what's important now.

Simplifying pricing widgets

The project was potentially big and complicated but maybe worth the effort. In this instance, the right amount of less definitely was more.

Creating customer accounts for sales

When the decade-old, home-grown sales tools get the OK for some serious improvements, we needed to make sure we solved the right problems in the right way.

Tools I Use

Every step of the creation process requires different sets of tools. Here are some of mine. I'm always looking into others and analyzing which works best for the current context and time.

Discovery tools glyph

Ethnographic observation, Google Analytics, journey maps, interviews, surveys, problem definition & analysis, card sorts, user testing, hard questions, various Gamestorming exercises

Ideating tools glyph

Design studios, lots of paper & pens, whiteboards, mind maps

Visual tools glyph
Visual Creation

Paper & pens, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop

Testing tools glyph

User testing, ethnographic observations, interviews, Google Analytics & Tag Manager, Google Optimize (split & multivariant testing), Invision/Marvel, FramerJS, HTML/CSS/JS, paper prototyping

Tools used throughout the process glyph
Throughout the Entire Process

Paper & pens, principles of Psychology and Cognitive Science, getting out of my chair to talk to people, hard questions, building relationships of trust

Resumé and Contact

Download my resumé  in PDF format.

And feel free to contact me via email or Linkedin